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Hello! My name is Chihiro-- More commonly recognized as Hiro-- and I work under Dr. Ayame as an apprentice. I hope to be a well-respected doctor like my father someday. I live in Konohana and love to help others, so if you ever aren't feeling your best, do stop by for a visit!

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i really like that you can become tomos w/ the animals and they can actually hurt you!!so neat. also when i have extra stamina i jump into the river just so hiro would worry haha 8u8


i really like that you can become tomos w/ the animals and they can actually hurt you!!so neat. also when i have extra stamina i jump into the river just so hiro would worry haha 8u8

talkstoplants sent: I'm positive. I care more about helping you. [smiles a little for a moment, and takes the list as well as the wallet] Oh, goodness, Hiro, I couldn't possibly. It's your money, not mine. [nods] Very well. When I get back, tell me what you were planning to cook and I'll make it. Until then, get some rest, okay?

-Smiles weakly, nodding.- Alright. I really appreciate all of this.

-Rests against his pillow, letting out a raspy sigh.- I’ll leave it to you, then.

talkstoplants sent: Nonsense, Hiro! It wasn't a bit of trouble. [frowns] Lay back down and rest, I'll go get what you need me to when you five me the list. Are you positive you don't want me to make dinner for you, Hiro?

Are you sure? I imagine the chilly walk over wasn’t exactly pleasant… -At the mention of a list, he fumbles around in search of a piece of paper and a writing utensil. After obtaining both, he scribbles down a list of vegetables and meat and seasonings and hands it to her along with his entire wallet.-

Here, just take the whole thing. Don’t hesitate to buy yourself some snacks, either— -Coughs into his elbow with enough force to cause his upper body to hunch forward, groaning.-

I… I might have to ask you to make dinner, after all… -Looks to her with apologetic eyes.-

talkstoplants sent: [sees nothing at first, then hears the coughing upstairs, and follows it] Goodness, Hiro, that cough sounds horrible. Have you taken anything for it yet?

-Though sitting up, his body is weakly leaning against the headboard of his bed. His chest rattles audibly as he takes a slow breath.-

-Speaks in a shaky voice, trying to avoid coughing again.- Oh, Reina— You are a saint for coming here.

I’ve been taking medicine and sucking down quite a few cough drops, so I’m hoping to be better soon— My body is just very tired. -He stuffs the inhaler in his hand under the covers, not wanting her to see it.-

talkstoplants sent: [after hanging up the phone, Reina dashed right away to the clinic and opened the door] Hiro! I tried to get here as fast as I could.

-The clinic is empty, but pained coughing can be heard from upstairs.-



Yeah. And when I say painted on, I literally mean painted on. And is there a reason why all of the farmers are attractive? I mean, you probably noticed at least one of them. *playfully pokes at him*

And I could probably fix those if you wanted. *whispers* Just don’t spread that around. Wouldn’t want to put you out of a job or anything.

That sounds rather interesting— What sort of things were painted onto you?

E-Eh? -Blushes faintly, averting his eyes.- Ah, don’t tease me! It’s a little embarrassing still…

-Laughs a little.- I’d like that. The season changes are hard on my body. Of course, I’d like to keep my job, as well. ♪

shotashota-nightfever sent: -Wanders into the town hall, looking a little lost.- Um-- Excuse me--?


*Shelving some books, Gill almost does not realize someone is in the town hall. He luckily turns around and approaches the man who appears to be lost* Yes? *Realizing how familiar the man looks* You’re the doctor in the town of Konohana, correct? Do you need something?

-Blinks, realizing he recognizes the man.- Oh— Yes, well— I’m merely an apprentice, but I’m sure that’s where I’ve seen you before…

-Thinks for a minute, wondering if the circumstances were strange before shaking his head and giving a small smile.- My name is Hiro. Ah— I was hoping to find the clinic here in Castanet, but I got a little lost along my search… -Scratches his cheek sheepishly.-



Oh, I’ve been meeting all sorts of new people lately. I was even painted on by an artist! And really? Hang on. *breathes a soft line of purple magic into his face* There. That should take care of any cold.

Really? How delightful! ♪ I’m happy to hear you’ve been getting out a lot.

Ah… -Inhales unknowingly, breathing the magic into his lungs and giving a heavy cough, looking pale for a moment before standing up straight and regaining color.- Mm… I do feel a bit better, now. Thank you! 

-Gives a shrug, though his eyes are bright.- Colds are difficult to handle because of pre-existing health problems, so I’m glad to know you can cure them, hmhm. ♪

TMI Tuesday!


Star-crossed || Mark/Hiro

It was a little chilly, but he didn’t mind so much— He could look past it if it meant spending another day with his favorite farmer.

Hiro felt bad about how busy he’d been recently. The paperwork just kept piling up, and he couldn’t research plants fast enough to produce the results Ayame wanted. His large eyes were a bit glazed from lack of sleep, and he was sure he saw slight bags under his eyes in the mirror that morning… No matter, though. Seeing Mark would make him forget about any stress that existed. (Not to mention it was exciting to think about stargazing with Mark as himself, unlike the previous occasion.)

Knocking on the farmhouse door, he buried his hands into his pockets, watching his breath fog as it crossed his lips.

… Hf…

washedupfarmer-deactivated20140 sent: [text] hey dont worry, she just wants to make sure youre good to me. shes like my sister

-Blushes as he reads “good to me,” not entirely sure what that even means, but thinks it sounds strange all the same. Responds:-

ok! i’m prepared to meet her anytime then! ♪

washedupfarmer-deactivated20140 sent: [text] chelsea. she wants to run you through a test you'll pass with flying colors

E-Eh…? -Reads the text twice. Swallows before replying:-

that sounds a little scary but i would love to meet her! ♥

washedupfarmer-deactivated20140 sent: [Text:] hey hiro! wanna come over some time soon? my friend is dyin to meet you


yes of course!! who will i have the honor of meeting? ♪